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Frequently Asked Questions

We are excited to announce that on July 1, 2024, the merger between FNCB Bank and Peoples Security Bank & Trust was successfully completed. The merger brings together our strengths, resources, expertise, and people, enabling us to better serve our entire community with enhanced access to a broader range of products and services, all delivered with increased efficiency, convenience, and innovation.

As we move forward, the next phase of our merger involves integrating our operating systems, which is scheduled to take place over the weekend of October 12-14, 2024. During this period, we will also initiate the rebranding of FNCB Bank branches to Peoples Security Bank & Trust.

We invite you to review the Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) below for more information. These will be regularly updated throughout the process, so please check back frequently.

Thank you for your continued support and partnership as we work towards a seamless transition and better banking together.

Why are the two banks merging?

Peoples Security Bank & Trust (PSBT) and FNCB Bank (FNCB) are both highly respected institutions with rich histories and experienced bankers. The geographic footprints of both banks are well aligned, which will allow the combined Bank to deepen its presence in Northeastern Pennsylvania and beyond. The combined, larger bank will benefit our shareholders, customers, and the community with an enhanced suite of banking products, services, and technology. 

What will the bank name be?

The combined bank will operate under the Peoples Security Bank & Trust name (PSBT).

When will the system integration take place?

The systems of both banks will merge on October 14, 2024, moving accounts from FNCB Bank into Peoples Security Bank’s systems. Following this date, you will have the convenience of banking at the expanded Peoples Security Bank branch network. For a complete listing of our combined offices, visit

Is my branch closing?

To enhance our service to both personal and business clients efficiently and due to the proximity of certain locations, the decision has been made to consolidate the following offices:

  • FNCB Biden St Scranton consolidating into PSBT Central City Scranton
  • FNCB Clarks Green consolidating into PSBT Abington
  • FNCB Keyser consolidating into PSBT Green Ridge
  • FNCB Kingston consolidating into PSBT Kingston
  • PSBT East Scranton consolidating into FNCB Dunmore
  • PSBT Moscow consolidating into FNCB Daleville (coming in 2025)

All accounts currently maintained at the closing branch will be transferred automatically to the geographically compatible office. No action by you will be necessary.

Will I keep my same banker?

Bankers from both companies will be part of the combined team. Our relationship-based approach will continue to provide the same level of service you expect from us today.

What if I have a Safe Deposit Box at an office that is closing?

If you currently have a safe deposit box at one of the locations closing, your box will be moved to the consolidated branch, or you will have the option to open a box at a new location. A separate communication will be sent detailing your options.

If I have deposits at both PSBT and FNCB, how will my FDIC Insurance be affected?

When two or more insured banks merge, deposits continue to be insured separately for at least six months after the merger. This grace period allows a depositor to restructure his or her accounts, if necessary. After six months, your former FNCB Bank deposits and Peoples Security Bank deposits will be combined to determine your appropriate level of FDIC deposit insurance coverage. CDARS® & ICS® are also available for any eligible accounts that exceed the $250,000 FDIC limit. Ask a banker for details. 

When will I be notified of any changes to products or services?

A comprehensive Welcome Guide will be mailed to you approximately September 1, 2024 detailing all changes and enhancements.

FNCB Customer Account Access

What will happen to my account(s)?

FNCB Bank accounts will automatically be moved over to Peoples Security Bank allowing you to bank conveniently at any of our 39 combined locations.

Did the routing number change?

You may continue to use existing checks with FNCB Bank’s routing number until notified otherwise. When it’s time to reorder, please use the PSBT routing number 031311807. Use the Peoples Security Bank & Trust routing number, 031311807, after October 14 for wire transfers and any electronic payments.

Do I need to order new checks?

No. Continue to use your existing checks for both checking accounts and home equity lines of credit until notified otherwise. When you order new checks, please use the Peoples Security Bank routing number 031311807. 

Do I have to set up my direct deposit(s) again after my accounts have transitioned?

No. Any existing direct deposits or transfers set up at FNCB Bank should continue without interruption. 

Will my FNCB monthly statements change?

FNCB statements will be rebranded to PSBT but will contain the same information you have had with FNCB Bank.

What do I do if I need a copy of an FNCB statement from last year?

We recommend you log into your FNCB Online Banking before 3:00 PM on Friday, October 11, 2024 and download your previous statements. After October 14, 2024, you may also visit any PSBT branch for assistance. 

When will I receive statements for my accounts?

A statement will be issued on 10/11/24 for all FNCB Bank accounts. Future statements will be issued on approximately the same schedule you had with FNCB Bank unless we notify you otherwise.

What does the bank do to protect my personal and account information?

We use sophisticated technology and monitoring techniques, intricate firewalls, and other methods of securing customer data. 

I have a CD at FNCB that will not mature until after the merger; what will happen to it?

Interest rates and APYs will not change. Fixed-rate CDs that have more time will carry forward their terms. Please review your maturity notification for more information regarding your renewal terms.

Will the merger affect my existing loan?

No, all terms and conditions of your loan (personal, home equity, home equity line of credit, mortgage and business) will remain in effect including payment amount, interest rate, and due date.

Will there be any changes to how or where I make my loan payments?

If you have previously elected to autodraft your payments, there will be no change. For your convenience, you can also make payments at any PSBT bank location, via mail at: 100 S Blakely St., Dunmore, PA 18512 or use our loan payment portal at to set up one-time or recurring payments. 

Can I use my line of credit checks?

Yes, you will be able to use your existing checks.

Will my line of credit bill look different?

FNCB statements will be rebranded to PSBT but will contain the same information you have had with FNCB Bank. 

FNCB Debit & ATM Cards

Can I continue to use my current FNCB debit card(s)?

If you have an FNCB Bank Debit Card, you can continue to use your card without interruption. 

Are there fee-free ATMs?

Yes. You may use your FNCB Bank debit card at Peoples Security Bank branded ATMs or one of the 55,000 Worldwide ATMs that are part of the Allpoint Network. Visit or for a complete list of available ATMs. 

FNCB Online & Mobile Banking

Can I still use Zelle®?

Yes. FNCB customers will still be able to quickly send and receive money using Zelle®. 

Will I be able to see my FNCB Bank transaction history?

We recommend you log into your FNCB Online Banking before 3:00 PM on Friday, October 11, 2024 and download your previous statements.