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Your Home is Waiting for You

We know purchasing or refinancing a house can be a daunting task, but it should be exciting. Our team of mortgage lending professionals can walk you through every step to help you make the best decision possible. PSBT offers multiple solutions to help you become a homeowner at any stage in life. From our first time home buyer program to our construction mortgage program, we have a little something for everyone.


Fixed Rate Mortgage Loans

PSBT offers fixed rate residential mortgage loans with maximum terms to 30 years. Competitive interest rates, flexible terms and low fees make our fixed rate mortgage a viable option for many customers.

Adjustable Rate Mortgage (ARM) Loans

Let our mortgage professionals show you why an adjustable rate loan might be right for you. Advantages include a lower initial interest rate and lower monthly payments along with flexible terms and low origination fees. We offer several adjustable rate mortgage products including five, seven, ten and fifteen year ARMs.

Construction Mortgages

PSBT offers a unique construction loan program that includes a one-time closing with a guaranteed rate lock at the start of the project. Interest only payments on funds advanced during the nine-month construction period are followed by regular amortizing monthly payments upon completion of your residence. All PSBT fixed and adjustable rate products are available for residential construction mortgages.

Peoples Select MTGTM

Peoples Select MTGTM offers a fast, inexpensive and convenient mortgage alternative for the financing of your owner-occupied residence. Peoples Select MTGTM is available for both refinance and purchase transactions with loan amounts up to $500,000.


Refinancing your mortgage means to pay it off and get a new one to replace it. You may want to do this to change the rate, payment, or term or to take “cash-out” (equity) from your home to make improvements, cover large expenses, or consolidate debt. You apply to refinance, just like you would for a mortgage.

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