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Security Updates

Look here for information to better protect yourself against scams, threats to your identity and other fraud-related occurrences.

Scam Alert: Fraudulent Phone Calls and Text Messages Impersonating Various Financial Institutions

Fraudsters are contacting customers of various financial institutions in an attempt to access customer accounts and steal money.

Individuals may call you and the caller ID and phone number appears to be Peoples Security Bank and Trust Company when in fact it is a fraudster and the call is not actually coming from the bank.

The fraudsters are using a variety of techniques, including fake voice calls, text messages, letters and even unexpected front door visits in order to obtain personal information and data. In one technique, the fraudsters may say that there is a fraud alert regarding suspicious account activity that they need to confirm with you. They then try to obtain sensitive account information from you. The fraudsters use this information to illegally access and use your account(s).

If you are contacted by someone claiming to represent Peoples Security Bank and Trust Company, never share your account information over the phone or through text messages. Be wary of any requests to share your information. While you may hear from us occasionally, bank employees will never ask you for:

  • Your Debit Card Number
  • One Time Passcode (OTP)
  • Secure Access Code (SAC)
  • Online Banking Password

If you believe you have been a victim of a scam or if you have received a suspicious call, please contact the Bank immediately.

Beware of Online Banking Attacks

SBS CyberSecurity has been made aware of attacks on customers' online banking accounts. This attack is a combination of:

  • Social engineering
  • Open-Source Intelligence (OSINT)
  • Dark web content purchase

To learn more information, please click here.

Banking Trojans Released in Early 2022 That Use Malicious Droppers, and Elaborate on Cybercriminal Activities related to DaaS in the Deep Web

Beware Of Common Email Scams This Tax Season

IMPORTANT NOTICE: We want to let our customers know it is common to have fake email scams during the tax season that have subject lines, such as "critical", "alert", or "payment pending."

To learn more about common scams and resources to help you avoid this crime, please visit the Internal Revenue Service.


The links below are provided to learn about the more common types of scams. Understanding how these scams occur can help you better protect yourself.

  • Identity theft - Peoples Security Bank believes that protecting your identity is very important. If you learn how identity theft works and how to protect yourself, you can help stop this crime.
  • To learn about the most recent scams and how to recognize the warning signs, please visit the FTC's most recent list of alerts

Phishing Email Image

How to Identify and Avoid Phishing Email Scams 

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