Security Alerts

As local or national security alerts becomes available, we will post the most up-to-the-date information available under this area.


Wendy's Data Breach

Wendy’s publicly reported on May 11, 2016 that they have noticed unusual card activity and malware installed on some of their point of sale systems. The Wendy’s investigation is ongoing. Customers who have used their debit cards at Wendy’s since the fall of 2015 should be aware of this issue and closely monitor their debit card activity.  For more information, read the release.

For assistance or questions regarding your Peoples Security Bank Debit Card, call 888.868.3858 or visit any branch location.

Posted 7/13/16

Fraudulent Cashiers’ Checks

Fraudulent Cashiers’ Checks are being circulated via Craig’s List and eBay transactions as well as “work-at-home” ads. Customers are encouraged to call 888.868.3858 to validate the legitimacy of any Peoples Security Bank Cashiers’ Checks prior to acceptance from a third party.

Posted 4/15/16

Debit Card Text Alert

A small number of Peoples Security Bank customers have reported receiving a text that reads “Error on Card Activity” and asking them to call a specific number in order to manage the problem. Please do not provide any information regarding your debit card over the telephone.

For more information, call 888.868.3858 or visit any branch location.

Posted 4/15/16

Important Customer Information

If you experience difficulty using your debit card at a retailer, please conduct the transaction using your PIN number to complete the sale.

There have been numerous issues across the State regarding the use of debit cards for credit transactions. Using your PIN number will ensure the transaction will be completed in a secure manner.


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