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PSBT Corner News

The PSBT Corner News is your place to find helpful advice and knowledge on the various financial topics that you need in your daily life. Also, you will find updates about our team and locations as well as our community outreach initiatives.

Take Control of Your Finances with Online Banking

Take Control of Your Finances with Online Banking

Did you know that when you use online or mobile banking you have the ability to utilize advanced financial management tools that will help you keep track of your spending habits, better understand your cash flow, and break down your income and expenses? Online banking allows you to take advantage of the endless possibilities that are beneficial to your budgeting needs. 

Manage Your Accounts on Your Time


Life is busy! Make the most of what little time you may set aside to manage your finances with easy to use budgeting tools. Available from your desktop or mobile device, click on Financial Tools to get started. Money is now in the digital world. We’ve grown with it to now provide digital tools that you can use at your convenience. We understand that budgeting is time-consuming but we want to make it worthwhile for our customers. With our financial management tools, you’ll be able to manage your finances better and easier than ever before while using our secure online banking. 

What you can do with our Financial Management Tools

  • Link Accounts from other Financial Institutions – “In a single glance with online banking, you’re able to easily track your activity and balances of your credit cards and loans as well as your savings and deposit accounts at other financial institutions,” says Jill Zindle, Senior Vice President, Director of Digital Sales. 
  • Track your spending – Stay one step ahead of potential financial setbacks by using our flexible budget tools.
  • Manage your cash flow – Your Cash Past, Present, and Future – See all your income and expenses on any given day including future predictions. Know head of time if you’ll be able to afford that big purchase.  
  • Create a budget – Everyone budgets a little differently but it’s for the same purpose – to save money. By implementing a budgeting system that works for you, it’ll create more opportunities in your future. If your budget is too strict or flexible, you are able to edit it as you go. 
  • View your spending history – See where your money goes, by spending category, like shopping or food and dining, you’d be surprised how much you can learn about your own spending habits. By reviewing your financial history, you can visualize where you can reduce your spending and start saving for your goals faster. 
  • Categorize transactions – By separating transactions into categories, you can better understand if you’re spending too much on certain variable costs such as eating out, groceries, and entertainment. 
  • Plan for your financial future – Your future is just as important as the here & now. With our financial management tools, we can help you save by adjusting your budget to fit your needs. 


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